Friday, November 26, 2010

This Black Friday Belongs to Us

This was my second official Black Friday outing. Last year Mom and I left the house around 10pm and headed to first the outlets for some midnight shopping, then popped over to Sears as it opened and finally ended at Target. By the time we hit Target I was sleep-shopping. I swear to God I have very little recollection of that shopping trip. When all was said and done though there were people on my shopping list who had three gifts and others who had none. Definitely not a good idea to pick up whatever "looked good."

This year though, we had a plan. Weeks before the circulars came out in the paper we had our eyes on the 40" Westinghouse television at Target. I even called the store last Monday just to make sure of how many they had in stock and get a feel for when we should show up. It was like talking to the mafia. No, they could not tell me anything. Doors open at 4am. Fat lot of good that does me.

So at 9pm Mom headed out with two camping chairs, a sleeping bag, blanket and tons of clothing layers. Around 11:30pm I met her, having driven from my husband's family festivities to my hometown for some hours. I'm not sure what I expected, but a large group of twenties something mixed in with a Dad and daughter was not it. There we all were with our pavilions, ereaders and cell phones in hand swapping rumored stories about what was to happen when those doors finally opened like it was a tailgating party and we were looking to guess who would come out on top. Honestly, it was a pretty entertaining night. We shamefully all banned together as car after car drove by asking what time the store opened - 5AM SUCKERS!!! A loud cheer went up when the manager came out around 3am announcing there were 35 tv's available. We also got to know each other a little. I couldn't tell you the name of the girl who sat down next to me, but I could tell you all about why getting this christmas deal was so important to her, how her Christmas last year went and who she was buying the TV for. I could totally relate. With this economy, who couldn't?

So congrats quarter-lifers, this Black Friday belongs to us :). Enjoy those bargains then feel free to sleep the day away if your job allows it. But let's all remember to be especially nice to those men and women who helped us find our way through the crowded stores, rang up our merchandise and in several occassions broke up fight and protected us from being stampeded. They too deserve a break.

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