Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craigslist is To Die For

While living on my own in Maryland I became acquainted with a man who owned hipster apartment in Fellspoint. If you're not familiar with the area, which I was not, it is apparently the place to be if you're a young brilliant quarter-lifer whose hot stuff. Let's just say my job wasn't pulling in the type of cash to grace this trendy place with my presence on a daily basis.

Now, I knew this guy was making a good amount of dough. Our company paid well and he was treated like royalty by all the editors - enough said. So when he admitted that nearly ever piece of furniture and stylish decoration was bought off of Craigslist, I was shocked. Seriously, I thought, you bought someone else's trash? In my mind, Craigslist was a giant yard sale. Fine on a rainy day, but you were bound to regret that purchase when you realized a month later you too wanted to sell it. However, after noting how incredibly perfect every single mismatched item went together I knew he was onto something.

Yea, I know Craigslist isn't all fun and games, what with the Craigslist Killer and all that. But seriously people, follow the unspoken rules and you won't be in nearly as much of a risk of dying young:

  1. If it seems shady - it is. 
  2. Never meet at your own home, especially if you're home alone. 
  3. Preferrably, meet in a public place which you are familiar with. 
  4. I hate to sound sexist here, but send your husband, brother, boyfriend or father to do your bidding. Men don't get taken advantage of nearly as often as women. This may not be a written fact, but it is my whole-hearted opinion. 
  5. Only accept cash- trust me. 
 Now, I'm one of Craigslist's biggest fans. This month alone we bought a full-size portable dishwasher with counter top ($20), washer and dryer ($40), basket full of collectible glassware which I and the hubby are obsessed with ($10 and worth so much more) and are now in search of a new flat screen TV stand for our big Black Friday purchase.

So tell me lovelies, what is your favorite Craigslist purchase? Don't be afraid to brag.


Sandra said...

I've heard so much about Craigslist...I'm pretty sure it's not something in Canada. We have the cheesy version called Kijiji which basically is one big dirty yard sale.
PS: Glad the photo credit was helpful. I'm the same. I never know if I'm even allowed to use the image, but everyone does it. Is it considered stealing? Anyway, if I get dragged away in cuffs, I'll be sure to let you know.

Big Fat Gini said...

Okay. Are you ready?

We bought a mattress. I know. Gross. But, it came from a nice Indian family and other than the random hole through the middle as if it had been staked, it was totally fine.

Is it worse if it was for one of our kids?

You're never going to come back to my blog again are you? Could we maybe just call it even, since you've seen almost all of those commercials?

I'm stalking you now, by the way. I really like the color red.

Krebster said...

Sandra, sounds like a plan. It's okay, you're probably a lot safer without it to hear some people talk who have suffered physical and mental injury due to their swindles and scams. What can I say, I'm hardcore.

Oh my God Gini, that's awful! And freakin' hilarious I might add. No I definitely think I'll be back haha. Thanks me too :) I kind of go on color kicks and right now, this is it.

Mamarazzi said...

i love craigslist...great tips for people who are new to using it though!!

Mamarazzi said...

oh and thanks for your comment on my blog. i always reply via email (your's is not enabled, boo) AND i also do my best to follow people who comment back to their blogs to leave a little love!!

Dee said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and being kind enough to leave me a comment. I do hope you will come back and visit some time. I am leary of ordering from craigslist or e-bay...I know...I am being silly. :)

Dee said...

Me again...I hope you don't mind having an olde but goodie following you..I won't cause any problems..I promise. :)

Forgetfulone said...

I've never purchased anything from Craigslist, but I've sold some furniture and a doll house (of all things). I'm too scared to buy anything there. I prefer the safety of ebay! LOL Although I do know people who have gotten really good deals.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Krebster said...

Thanks Mamrazzi! I always like to have a heads up myself when getting involved in new things :).

Thanks for following me Dee! If you're an "oldie but a goodie" as you say then I'm happy to soak in all of your wisdom ;).

Funny thing is Forgetfuldone, that I'm really nervous about Ebay. I only bought something there once and half of the purchase came to me broken :(. Oh well, maybe I'll try again some day.

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Anonymous said...

Your rules for safety are MOST wise!!
Ann Best, A Long Journey Home

Krebster said...

Thanks Ann, I'm glad you agree with them :).

Hilary said...

I have never bought anything from craigslist. I am more of an Ebay kind of girl.... My best find was $3K D&G jeans for $200 - and they had the tags on them!

Krebster said...

Wow that is a steal Hilary! Way to go :)