Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh my God They're Back Again!

When I was in elementary school my first crush was on Danny from New Kids on the Block. In college I "met" Joey outside of his show "Wicked" in NY as he signed my playbill. Our hands touched for but a fleeting moment when I realized how terribly stupid I had been in my youth. (Danny?! Seriously, what was I thinking?). Now to give you a picture of just how obsessed I was with the group, I had the NKOTB sweatshirt, sleeping bag, sheets, towels, poster-sized puzzle, button to go on my jean jacket, doll and of course concert video tape. Apparently my mom seriously indulged me in this obsession. To her credit I can name very little of other possessions I had from this era short of my pillow-person, so, GO MOM.

Now in middle school NKOTB fell upon some hard times and pretty much disappeared. Never fear though, because as you all know, Backstreet Boys were starting to bloom. In 1996 they released their first CD and all of my friends fell in love. I saw them in concert - twice. (I also saw NSYNC but to me they will forever be known as the "fake BSBers").

Like the molding of two perfect lost loves, these formers flames have joined forces to present to America the NKOTB & BSB Tour! No sweeter words have ever been spoken. And you bet your ass that the audience following them at every show will not be the wee little squealing girls they were once used to, but instead quarter-lifers. They're back and so are we. Better than ever. And may I dare say, now legal.

For your viewing pleasure ladies and gents...


Hilary said...

The "hand touching" must have been great!

I am proud to be your 2nd follower - I like 2nd best!

Krebster said...

Yay, I'm glad you're my second follower as well :)! I can't believe I ever gave blogging up. What a rush to come home and find I've got new readers.