Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting My Milk Mustache On

I bought milk in a bag today. Do you know how incredibly excited I was to buy milk in a bag? This milk, produced and sold, at a local dairy has had so much hype surrounding it. All of the women at work talk about the dairy it comes from with reverence. They comment about how lucky we are to have it so close to us though it's a good 4 miles away from where we work and farther from where we live. And good Lord, don't even get me started on the ice cream. You see, I love ice cream. And I never adhere to seasonal standards. I'll drink cocoa in the summer and enjoy a frosty in the winter, thank you very much. So when they started to talk about the newly featured homemade pumpkin ice cream, I was sold.

So today I drove in the dark up a hillside road in search for what turned out to be little more than a roadside stand which sold milk, ice cream, juice, baked goods, candy and those small plastic containers of baking paraphernalia which in PA are synonyms with the Amish. This was not my first trip. Oh no, I had tried a week earlier to make the out-of-my-way trek only to be stopped by a police car blocking the road. Great. I was detoured into a big loop back where I came from only to quit and head home. This time though, I was victorious! I almost bought a pretty blue shirt advertising the dairy to celebrate my victory. First thing's first though, how does one drink milk out of a bag? Out of a pitcher of course ;).

Now excuse me while I go have a large drink of that white frothy liquid which is good for my bones and yours.

Tell me, what type of things do you buy locally? Because they're worth it of course.

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